Lee Family

July 31, 2015

Having photographed Sam and her  family when they had one child, I loved photographing her family of FIVE. To see how they have grown and fit together so beautifully, like puzzle pieces.  We walked around downtown Haddonfield, the very town where Hadrosaurus was found in the 1800's. Hadrosaurus is a very important dinosaur not just because it was found in New Jersey, but because it was actually the first dinosaur ever dug up in all the United States! Can you imagine what people would think about if they dug up pictures of you and your family millions of years from now? If photos of this family were discovered, so would the warmth and joy of a loving 21st century family.  Spending an afternoon capturing that with this gorgeous family can simply not be described in words but in the photos.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them.   :)